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Sunday School
Our Sunday school offers exciting classes. Dedicated, caring teachers bring God’s Word to the students on their level. Students are made to feel valued and confident as they participate in Bible learning activities.



Youth Ministries
The goal of the YOUth Ministries is not simply to entertain, but to involve the youth in ministry.
The YOUth of the community are invited to become a part of this alive ministry.


Home Bible Studies
A variety of home Bible Studies are offered ranging from Into His Marvelous Light, a one-session study, to Exploring God’s Word, a 10-lesson study presented on Power Point. These studies can be brought to your home at your convenience or conducted in a comfortable room at the church.
If you are interested in taking a Bible study, please fill out the Contact Us form on this web site and someone will contact you.


Children's Ministry
Kids POWer hour services alternate with the children’s Sunday school classes to provide additional excitement and variety. These theme-based services involve the children in a balance of worship and the Word. These services are evangelistic and designed to lead the children to salvation.



Senior Classics (55 and older)
The Senior Classics are valued for their wisdom, talent, and willingness to help. However, their activities are not limited to their department. Senior Classics are a vital part of every department of the church.




Ladies Ministry
As Handmaidens of the Lord, the ladies have dedicated their hands to serving God, the church, and others. The results of their labors can be seen and felt throughout the church and the community.
Many of the ladies are actively involved in community volunteer work.

The activities of the Handmaidens of the Lord are varied and numerous—retreats, fellowship dinners, fund-raisers, church decorating and cleaning. Everywhere the handwork of the ladies is evident.




Men’s Fellowship
The men are the builders of the church in every way. Physically they construct and maintain the building. Spiritually they labor with God to build a strong, stable church body founded on God’s Word. The men of the congregation are the leaders in worship, discipleship, and fellowship.

Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series
ACTS is a twelve-week program that encompasses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person. Each lesson contains educational information, a visual illustration, and a historical application. The participant can relate the lessons to his life and use the principles given to rebuild his life. ACTS offers hope to those bound by alcohol and drugs. For more information call 918-225-5109.


Life in Focus
Anger Management Classes
The classes explore the cause, effect, and management of anger. The participant examines himself and his relationships, while learning skills and techniques to control anger and use it in a constructive and creative manner. Anyone interested in these classes can call 918-225-5109.


Rides are available in private cars for any service or activity at the church. Anyone needing a ride can call 918-225-0680 or 918-225-5109.


Prayer Ministry
Anyone having an urgent need for prayer may call 918-225-5109 and ask for the church’s prayer line to be activated.

Hospitality Ministry
If you are a newcomer to the Cushing community and area, call 225-5109. A member of the hospitality committee will then bring a “welcome bag” to your front door.
Visitors to the church will be greeted warmly by the hostess and ushers, as well as the minister and entire congregation.

Missions Focus
The Cushing UPC has a world vision. Each month the congregation helps to support foreign missionaries with prayer and finances. On the average of once a quarter a foreign missionary brings missions home to us in a powerful missions service. We have missionary friends around the world.



Praise & Worship Ministry

Praise and worship is a vital ministry of the church. The music department provides a balanced mix of praise choruses and Pentecostal hymns, leading the congregation into "His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise."

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